How to solve DT<DTmin?

Hello everyone,
I was runing the 2d-TFM,and the error message came out with dt<dtmin, and I don’t know why,please help me. (493.4 KB)
The file was uploaded.

Was this when starting? You might disable detect stall for this reason, for a shorter period while things settles a bit from the initial conditions.

Thank you for your reminder, but it seems that it has nothing to do with this, and it still doesn’t converge.

Is this a part of the tutorial cases, or something you built on your own?

This is what I built myself. Can you help me check it out? This problem has been confusing me for a long time.Thank you.

Had a look, removed all chemical reactions and species, and still the same issue. So I believe this is related to your geometry. And I believe it is more important that your 3 geometry sections actually overlap, while now they barely touch at the same points. This might be problematic. So the thin cylinder should at least be stretched way into the cone, and beyond.

One other option could perhaps also be to use the hopper wizard? Then you’ll be sure that the geometry is ok at least.

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Thanks for the reminder, I’ll try it out.

Hello developer, I have redrawn a hopper that can run, but I have encountered another issue. I hope the wall will transfer heat to the fluidized bed, but it does not work. The temperature continuously decreases until it falls below the minimum temperature and the operation stops. Please help me check, thank you very much. (40.0 MB)