I can't open VTK

I haven’t changed anything from the file I’ve been running.
But when I pressed button “VTK”, I suddenly get this error message.
And I can’t open VTK window.

I pressed “OK”, but the bug reports are empty.

Sorry for the trouble!
Is there a way to reproduce this error?

I see that you are running MFiX 23.2, can you try with MFiX 23.4.1 ? Possibly this bug has been fixed already …

Otherwise please cd to your Downloads folder, and do

bash$  zip -r test_F100_1000.zip test_F100_1000

and upload test_F100_1000.zip here so we can figure out what’s gone wrong.


– Charles

I have meet the same question. Did you solve this?

Please submit full bug report (Main menu/Submit bug report) as well as any messages you are getting in the terminal window from VTK.

I tried to reinstall Mfix and problem is solved.