I want to use my particle_output file as my particle_input file for Hybrid TFM-DEM Model

I am building TFM-DEM Hybrid Model as I’ve mentioned before, I have been struggling to create particle_input file but now I have been able to do it through particle_output file generation in mfix, I intend to use it for my hybrid model, I have made sure everything is working fine, but still I am unable to run the simulation. Can you please look into this issue and tell me what can I work on to correct this?

NEW.mfx (13.1 KB)
particle_input.dat (114.5 KB)

Note that hybrid models are not supported at this time. We can try to help but we have limited resources for this and we cannot guarantee that your hybrid model will work.

What do you mean by “Unable to run the simulation”? What is the exact failure mode? The more information you provide, the better we will be able to help.