Initially packed bed

A simulation of a 2D fluidized bed requires to use 0.346 as initial void fraction. This value is smaller than the 0.42 that is the default value of the packed bed limit. As a result, the simulation diverges unless I change the packed bed limit to a value larger than the 0.346.
Does it mean that the flow does not converge when it starts in plastic flow region??? How can I have realistic results when the packed bed limit is changed only to escape from divergence?
The MFiX file is attached.
2012soybean-hydrodynamics.mfx (11.7 KB)

The initial voidage (0.346) should not much smaller than the maximum packing limit voidage (0.42). My experience is that initial voidage should >= voidage at maximum packing.

This value is based on an article that has used MFiX for its simulation. I wonder how they can get a converged solution with this initial void fraction!!!???