Install MFIX-21.4 MacOS 11.6


I am trying to install mfix-21.4 on a macos 11.6

I have followed the installation instruction:

  1. Installing Miniconda
  2. Copy paste the command on installation web page
  3. activating mfix-21.4 environment
  4. running mfix-21.4

However, there is no window appeared.
There is a python3.8 icon appeared on the Dock.
And on the terminal there is output:
Fontconfig warning: ignoring UTF-8: not a valid region tag

Has anyone face similar issue before?
Is there any fix?

My brew environment is as follows if it helps.
brew list
==> Formulae
ca-certificates ghostscript libpng openssl@1.1 xz
fontconfig git libtiff pcre2
freetype jbig2dec little-cms2 python@3.9
gdbm jpeg mpdecimal readline
gettext libidn openjpeg sqlite

==> Casks
blender knime transmission
ccleaner logitech-options visual-studio-code
discord microsoft-teams vlc
google-chrome miniconda webex
google-drive rectangle weka
jdownloader skype zoom
keka tor-browser

Kind regards,

@mark.meredith1 any ideas?

With the conda environment activate, try which python and which python3 and post what the full path(s) to your Python executables are.

Screenshots are also helpful for debugging.

Try running mfix (with conda env activated) as: python -m mfixgui.gui, see if that works


Attached is a screenshot for running which python and which python3.

The python -m mfixgui.gui command also did not work. There is a python runtime application appeared at the docking but it is not responding.

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Install from source [pip] works.

Thank you.