Installing MFiX v23.2 from source, solver may be missing!

So, I’ve installed MFiX v23.2 using the source tar.gz and command ‘python3 -m pip install mfix-23.2.tar.gz’ on RHEL8.4.
Running ‘./mfixsolver -f Test.mfx’ gives Error while finding module specification for ‘mfix_solver.pymfix’ (ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘mfix_solver’

Addional output from my install:
(base) [ripowell@server ~]$ conda activate mfix-23.2
(mfix-23.2) [ripowell@server ~]$ conda list | grep mfix
#packages in environment at /nfs/home/ripowell/miniconda3/envs/mfix-23.2:
mfix 23.2 pypi_0 pypi

I see an old version below that reported this as a missing package from tar.gz. Is this also the same bug for v23.2?

No module named ‘mfix_solver’ in MFiX-22.2 - MFiX / Bug report - NETL Flow Science Software Support (

Note that the source tar.gz and the Conda package are two different ways to install mfix - you seem to be using a combination of pip and conda which I would not expect to work. Conda has its own complete Python enviroment, whereas the pip installation is using some pre-existing one. The separate environment is cleaner and less likely to lead to package dependency conflicts, version mismatches, etc. It also makes it easier to support having multiple versions of MFiX at the same time, version rollback, etc. This is why the conda package is our recommended method of installation, and it is also the one which is tested the most.

I prefer the miniforge/mamba variant of Conda because it is faster and lightweight: see the section Alternative installation in the MFiX documentation for more about this.

The source tarball is provided mostly for historical reasons, or for users who for some reason cannot use Conda. I have not done a pip install in a while, I will test it when I get a chance, but what is the reason you are using pip instead of the Conda installation?