Is it possible to use particle_input.dat with PSD?

Is it possible to use particle_input.dat with a PSD for a solid phase?
Or can we modify the pradius/radius directly in mfix_pc_ini.cpp for some PSD?
Will it cause other problems?
E.g. collision detection? Reaction rate calculation? Mass consumption in the particle due to reaction?
Or what else should I take care of?

It’s been a while, but I’ve used a PSD with the AsciiFile method and it worked just fine. How exotic is you PSD?

Plan to use PIC for this.
Did you use PIC or DEM?

ah, I did DEM. so, you will either need to discretize this into a manageable subset of distinct solids so that you can treat each with their own stat weight. otherwise you are going to have a ton of the tails. or wait for @jmusser to rework the input specification to account for this specifically

@YupengXu, your post is excellently timed!

As you’re aware, MFIX-Exa PIC simulations currently require a user to specify a uniform statistical (stat) weight for each IC and BC that contains PIC solids. There are two modifications in the works that will change how distributions and PIC stat weights are defined for MFIX-Exa.

  1. Currently distributions are defined for each IC and BC region. Moving forward, distributions will be defined separately and referenced by ICs and BCs. This means that if a distribution is used in multiple places, you only need to define it once. This will also simplify adding support for user-defined distributions likely by providing an ASCII text file with a particle radius cumulative distribution function.

  2. Users will no longer be able to explicitly define the stat weight of PIC parcels. Instead, users will define a parameter that controls the “resolution” of the simulation. The new input will be associated with the number of parcels at packing and will be used to compute the stat weight.

I expect to start working on this task this week and hope to have a preliminary implementation to test in a week or two.

Thanks for your feedback.; let’s keep this discussion going.


Thanks very much for adding the PSD feature into Exa.
To use this feature, should the user provide an ASCII text file with a particle radius cumulative distribution function (diameter in SI unit)?
What are the keywords for the corresponding settings?
And is there a tutorial?
How to apply the PSD to each IC or BC?
And Is it possible to add multiple PSDs? E.g. Sand/biomass/MSW separately? And how to do that?

Tutorial(s) or at least test cases for users is still TODO but on my plate for this year. Actually, once I get around to doing it, I was hoping you would review it.

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