It is possible to use a velocity profile at the inlet BC plane in TFM?


I am using MFiX Batch solver (versions 19.3.1 / 2016.1 / 2013.2) with cylindrical coordinates for modelling vertical transport with 3D TFM. I am using Ubuntu 18.04.5 with GNU 7.5.0.

Would it be possible to specify a velocity profile (such as fully developed turbulent or fully developed laminar flow profile) at the inlet BC plane as against a uniform velocity? One possibility could be a means to specify the gas velocities (BC_V_g) for the cells at different radial distances? The aim is to reduce the entrance length for fully developed gas-solids flow and hence to model a shorter pipe.

Kindly let me know.

Thank you.


The velocity profile you are asking about is not directly supported, but it is possible you could modify the boundary condition code in the MFiX solver to support this.

See also Initial condition using concentration gradient - #2 by cgw