Mfix 20.2.1 installation failure

Hello everybody! I am having some problems when I try to install Mfix 20.2.1. I tried other versions of Mfix but the issue remains the same: The channel is unavailable. I’ve followed the steps in here:2.1. Windows Installation — MFiX 20.2.0 documentation
I am currently running on a Windows 10 64x.

Here is the result when I try to paste the given conda command on my Anaconda Prompt:

(base) C:\Users\Ferna>conda create -n mfix-20.2.1 mfix=20.2.1 mfix-doc=20.2.1 mfix-gui=20.2.1 mfix-solver=20.2.1 mfix-src=20.2.1 -c
Collecting package metadata (current_repodata.json): failed

UnavailableInvalidChannel: The channel is not accessible or is invalid.
  channel name: .../.../conda/dist
  channel url:
  error code: 404

You will need to adjust your conda configuration to proceed.
Use conda config --show channels to view your configuration’s current state,
and use conda config --show-sources to view config file locations.

Can any of you help me please?
Maybe my token has expired, but I tried refreshing the page and it didn’t work.


I see same logs like that.

@mark.meredith is working on it ATM.

Cool!! I look fooward to installing and trying Mfix.

The conda install command is working again.

Sorry about the outage! I forgot to run a maintenance command after a server update.

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I have just downloaded it here and it is working!
Thank you for your help!!