Mfix.20.3.1 can not open

I downloaded a case from the internet, which was built using version mfix20.3.1, but I failed to build the solver using mfix23.2. the error is as followed:

So I speculated that it was a version issue, so I reinstalled mfix20.3.1, but it couldn’t be opened, the error is as followed

Please give me some advice, what is wrong with the case and mfix.20.3.1

Hi @cifer -
I’m not sure where you downloaded this case, and you didn’t attach the files, but the error message from the compiler is pretty straighforward - the function call to DES_CONDUCTION_WALL is passing a 32-bit integer where a 64-bit (double precision) value is expected. The parameter is the variable rlens:

      DOUBLE PRECISION :: RLENS ! lens radius

The error message from the compiler is trying to point at the place in the code where the error occured with the marker 1 but because the code in question has continuation lines, and only the first line is getting printed, the message is not as helpful as it should be. Here’s the call in the current version of calc_collision_wall_mod.f

               QSWALL = DES_CONDUCTION_WALL(LL, OVERLAP,K_s0(phase_LL), &
               &        K_s0(phase_LL),K_Gas,TWALL, TPART, RPART, &
               &        RLENS, phase_LL)

that 1 is trying to point at RLENS but fails because the contiunation lines are not printed.

Anyhow, I think the code you are working with has a modified calc_collision_wall_mod.f so some changes may be needed to bring it in line with the current MFiX codebase. It should be pretty straighforward, if you get stuck you can post here, but please include the code, not just screenshots of error messages.

As for your second question - the attempt to install mfix version 20.3.1 - this should work but we have limited resources to support older versions. We would prefer it if you could work with MFiX 23.3.1 which is the current version. If you do want to get the 20.3.1 version running, we will have to track down what GL (display) library is missing or incompatible. To do this, we need more information about your system and installation - go to main menu, select “Submit bug report” and upload the resulting ZIP file.

Thank you very much,i will check it later. But i have one other question that the "UNKNOWN KEYWORDS’ would occur in terminal after i replace the source code with other revised code, just like the comment in Mfixgui error when open the mfix-20.3.1. can you show me why?

The set of defined keywords changes between MFiX releases, since new keywords are added and some keywords are deprecated and removed. If the GUI and model versions don’t match, the GUI will contain controls for keywords which are not valid keywords in that version of the model.