Mfix-doc-21.4 is hard to download!

Almost each time, it is hard to download the mfix-doc-21.4 when install the mfix in win10 OS,

Does it install eventually if you wait long enough, or does the installation fail?

The mfix-doc package is about 30MB so if you are on a very slow connection it might take a few minutes to download. It also contains a lot of individual files so it takes a minute to decompress. You can always try installing without the local docs, just remove mfix-doc=21.4 from the install command.

However I note that the mfix-doc is not the largest package, the qt component is about 99MB. Is there any problem installing that?

– Charles

yes, it takes a lot of time(even 30 mins or sometimes just breakdown) to download the mfix-doc,while it is convenient to install other packages such as qt.

mfix-doc package contains a lot of small files, is this installation using a remote filesystem or some other type of slow storage? Can you use “Performance monitor” or similar app to see what’s happening during this 30 min? Is it just waiting for network, is thelocal CPU busy, is there disk access, etc. I’m not going to be able to debug this effectively since I can’t reproduce the problem locally, so you’ll have to do some investigating.

– Charles