Mfix-pic documentation

Dear MFIX developers, I have been trying to locate documentation on MFIX-PIC but with little luck. Can you kindly assist me with the relevant literature and if possible kindly put up a fluidized bed tutorial for reference. Thanks!!!

MFIX-PIC theory documentation is in the works. If you need a general primer, check out: Snider, D.M., “An Incompressible Three-Dimensional Multiphase Particle-In-Cell Model for Dense Particle Flows,” Journal of Computational Physics, Vol 170, pp. 523-5469, 2001. We follow similar methodology.

The MFIX-PIC parameters are identified in our user’s manual, and if you look at Section 8.5, there are some helpful words for setting up PIC simulations.

There are also MFIX-PIC tutorials available in your MFIX download. Look for them in /tutorials/pic. If memory serves, there are 5. You can pull them into the gui and poke around quite a bit. Should be easy to set up a fluidized bed after that.

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Thank you maclarke! I will have a look at the other tutorials.

Hi, Clarke

MFIX-PIC documentation is only focused on the gas-solid flow without heat and mass transfer. When i use MFIX-PIC to simulate a chemcial reactor, how can i quickly know what formulas are used? Reading code implemented is a directly way, but it needs much time to figure out.

Hello, everyone

Can you please give me some advice on how to quickly know what equations and terms are used when using PIC to simulate fluidized bed reactor?