MPI Error using SCC

This isn’t necessarily an MFiX error, but since MFiX runs batch using mpi, I figure it may be possible to get help with the following mpi error I seem to be receiving:


Is this a problem with the way I call mpirun in the following .TXT file?

Besides this, the build solver output shows everything being successful. Seems like the only issue comes when trying to actually run the sim.

combustion-camp.TXT (157 Bytes)

That error message isn’t enough to identify the issue; unable to tell how you’re submitting the .TXT submission script to your system.
Does mfixsolver run with mpirun directly? (outside of your submission script)?

Hello Mark.

It does indeed run if I run serially using command line.

Submission works by a simple ‘qsub .TXT’ command.

To add some detail, the CC I’m working on uses a module system. I dont load the openmpi and miniconda modules through the batch script; instead I activate them manually in my bash shell. The last command in the .TXT file I uploaded only runs correctly (serially) after I have

(1) loaded the openmpi and miniconda modules through command line
(2) activated the mfix environment using conda actiavte mfix-20.1.2
(3) changed the ‘I’ and ‘J’ in ‘NODES’ to lowercase in the last line