MPPIC_Boundary condition creation error

Hello, I want to do a simulation with mppic method to realize that the green area in the figure is the entrance of a particle, and the red ring area is the exit of a pressure
But there are two problems we need help with
The error file is as follows:
0606_mppic.mfx (15.8 KB) (8.2 MB)

  1. If I select the green area by stl method, an error will be reported when I set it as the flow inlet, and the volume fraction of imported particles cannot be adjusted. If I do not use the stl option, the particle inlet can be defined, but I also encounter problem 2

2. The pressure outlet cannot be established. If the ring surface is selected with stl, the following error will appear


I want to realize granule green entry and red exit, what should I do, looking forward to your help

Hi @hooya, thanks for the bug report and sorry for the trouble.

I’m not sure about problem #2 but here’s a fix for problem #1 (this will be fixed in the next MFiX release)

With the MFiX environment activated, navigate to %CONDA_PREFIX%\lib\site-packages\mfixgui and open the file in an editor

We’re going to change 2 lines in this file:
at line 4574 change

                 le.key = 'bc_u_s'


                 key = le.key = 'bc_u_s'

and similarly change line 4586 from

                 le.key = 'bc_v_s'


                 key = le.key = 'bc_v_s'

This should fix the error popup from the GUI. We will follow up separately on the other issues. Thanks for your patience.

– Charles