No MFIX solver found - MFIX-22.3

Dear community,

I have installed the latest version of MFIX gui on a new laptop with Windows 11. The installation seems to be successful as usual but when running the code and/or the mesh generator I get the following error message:
Error: No MFiX solver found.
Note that actually “mfixsolver” is present in the first two paths.
Any hint on the reason behind this strange behaviour?
Also note that this does not happen with v22.2.2


Fabio -

It appears this is a bug with SMS meshing on Windows which was introduced in the 22.3 release, and you are the lucky one to find it. We will fix this in the 22.3.1 bugfix release, which should be available later this week. For now, you can work around it by finding the file


(%CONDA_PREFIX% is C:\Users\fabio\anaconda3\envs\mfix-22.3)

and changing line 252 from

            name = os.path.join(d, 'mfixsolver')


            name = os.path.join(d, 'mfixsolver.exe')

Sorry for the trouble and thanks for the bug report.

– Charles