No MFiX solver found

No MFiX solver found.
Hello, developers. After undating mfix-23.3, there seems to be a bug? Any help in checking this out would be appreciated.

Oh no! That shouldn’t happen! It looks like you got a mix of code from the old and new MFiX versions. The solver now lives in anaconda3\envs|mfix-23.3\lib\site-packages\mfix_solver not the Scripts directory as indicated in the error popup above.

Please submit a full bug report - main menu - Submit bug report in the main menu - and upload the ZIP file here. Thanks.

It looks like this may be a bug in SMS mode. Can you disable SMS and try again?

Sure. I encountered this bug when meshing in SMS, while if no using SMS, it was normal. Thank you very much. (4.8 MB)

Thanks for reporting this. We will issue a bug fix release shortly.

Another workaround is to build a custom solver in the project directory, with SMP and DMP disabled - the mesher is looking for a non-parallel solver and if one is found in the project directory it will be used.

This has been fixed for MFiX version 23.3.1. Thanks for the bug report.

Thanks a lot, I will update it!