Non-spherical DEM

Conical hopper simulation of rod-like particles constructed from 5 component spheres. Approximately 5 million primary spheres and 1 million rod-like particles. Dynamic arch formation and disruption was observed.


Is there any related literature for reference to implement this model ?

The details for this particular implementation are contained within a manuscript that is under review. Some other works that discuss rigid body mechanics for non-spherical particles are (Podlozhnyuk, Pirker & Kloss 2016) or (Kruggel-Emden, Rickelt, Wirtz, & Scherer 08).

Look forward to your publication!

This is awesome work Aaron!

Looks good Aaron! Did this compare favorably to anything (exp data/other sims)?

Thank you very much Jordan.

The non-spherical DEM code was compared to a correlation obtained from experimental work (Ashour et al. 17; Soft Matter). Mass discharge was observed to be in good agreement with the modified Beverloo correlation given in Ashour for various hopper angles and dimensions.

Additionally, the simulations shown here were compared to some experimental work. The max discharge rate and autocovariance were utilized to conduct the comparison since the flow is characterized by large temporal fluctuations and a high degree of variability between experimental runs (highly frictional particles). The code appears to capture the max discharge rate and the periodic frequency of the arch formation quite well; however, more work is definitely needed.