OPENMPI installation in CENTOS7

Dear MFiX team

I am trying to install OpenMPI in Centos 7.
I downloaded openmpi 4.0.1 and installed it like below

  1. tar -xzf openmpi-4.0.1.tar.gz
  2. cd openmpi-4.0.1
  3. ./configure --prefix=/usr/lib64/openmpi-4.0.1
  4. make
  5. sudo make all install

I think that OpenMPI is installed after writing lines above, but this installation is not reflected in MFiX, which means mpifort and mpif90 as compiler are not activated in build solver. Do I need to do anything else? In the case of UBUNTU, after following lines are added, they are activated, but in CENTOS, it is not allowed.

  1. cd /usr/local/openmpi/bin
  2. sudo apt install libmpich-dev
  3. sudo apt install libopenmpi-dev

From what I can tell, having different MPI package versions on Centos may interfere with each other, which is why they made it such that the /usr/lib64/openmpi*/bin isn’t in PATH.

The best way to install OpenMPI on Centos is:

$ sudo yum install openmpi-devel
$ module load mpi
$ mpifort --version
GNU Fortran (GCC) 4.8.5 20150623 (Red Hat 4.8.5-36)
Copyright (C) 2015 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

If I run “module load mpi” as you instructed, the compiler in openmpi works well. I appreciate your help.