Permitted string length of path

Hi there

Just to bring this to your attention: When saving files onto a network drive / a directory that has a very very long path, I am talking 59 characteers, saving fails repeatedly. Is there a limitation how long a path can be?

Obviously there is a workaround…

59 characters is not very long. I just created /tmp/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/long/test/test.mfx (200 chars) and it was not a problem


Please let us know the specific pathname you are using that is triggering the error, better yet submit a bug report (main MFiX menu) - thanks!