Process exit and MFiX process has stopped

I have encountered this problem about ‘Process exit’ without any error for my dem simulation. I have checked similar topics, however the solutions provided didn’t help with my case. I’m using version 22.4.3 and I uploaded my project file. My guess is that the solver crashed, but I can’t identify exactly what went wrong. Can you run it and tell me about it? (2.0 MB)

Looking forward to your help!
Thank you!

I’m looking at this case now, will follow up when I have some answers.

I ran this case with MFiX 23.2 and it does not crash. However it’s proceeding extremely slowly (1000 days remaining) possibly due to excessive number of particles. You may want to try the CGP method.

Hello Charles @cgw

I am facing similar problem when my simulation simply stops with same message. I have checked here in the forum several similar topics but there is no one that can help me. I attached my project. The geometry is relatively complex compared with those from tutorials. It comprises a rotor, stator, and two interfaces (screens) which have somehow to work as “porous media” (impermeable for particles). Could you please have a look of my project why it is stopping after 0.019 s.
Another issue is that when I consider fluid (water) the simulation does not start at all (convergence).

I than you for your help. (82.0 MB)