Pyrolysis - HPTR Conditions

For the HPTR kinetics package for pyrolysis, is there additional background available for any assumptions or other environmental conditions that were applied, specifically for pressure? I have checked the User Manual and C3M Theory documentation so far, but was unable to find this information.

Apologies for the late response. I was on vacation. HPTR kinetics in C3M were determined from experiments done at NETL with the High Pressure Tubular Reactor. The work was done by Nate Weiland and others. There is an OSTI report at FY12 TRS Annual Report_Adv Gasification_20120927 (Technical Report) | OSTI.GOV

This should help you dig into where this data came from. If you need more information, I am sure we can put you in contact with Nate et. al.

We should add a reference to that report in the C3M documentation. Thanks for pointing that out.

This helped me confirm the conditions I was looking for, thank you!