Questions about udf modules

how to debug a post-mfix udf ?

hello, developers:
I am working with an algorithm called Multiphase-flow Statistics using 3D Detection and Tracking Algorithm
(MS3DATA) (paper doi: 10.1016/j.cej.2016.02.058) to extract bubble information. The author supplied the udf to compile with mfixpost. However, the compile process reported an error:

The author used several modules in his code:
I thought it could be version incompatibility problem, because the author published his article in 2016 while i am using mfix-24.1.
How should I debug and update this code? Thanks!
Following is the source code supplied by the author:
sol_flux.f (2.8 KB)

How did you build postmfix? Did you have sol_flux.f in the project directory or elsewhere? Can you send the complete build log, as a text file not a screenshot?

Of course, Charles! Following is the text file containing screen output. Thanks for your kindness!
file.txt (48.3 KB)