Remove a Paddle / rotating stl file


I’m begginer with MFiX.
I’m trying to make a mixer with only one paddle so I took the tutorial and tried basically to suppress the references to the second paddle in:

  • the mfix script (with the GUI)
  • the UDFs scripts (when the paddles were rotated)

I think there is no more occurence of the 4Paddles_pos or is_0002.stl in the files I can modify but I have still the same error :
Error from cartesian_grid/get_stl_data.f:1338
Error: STL GROUP ID NOT FOUND FOR: is_0002.stl

This means for some reason MFiX is still aware of the existence of the second paddle but how ?

Thank you in advance for your advices,
mixer6.mfx (9.1 KB)
usr0.f (3.0 KB)
usr1_des.f (4.0 KB)

These files are not enough to run the case (Cylinder.stl and 4paddles_neg_z.stl are required). But if I grab those files from the DEM mixer tutorial, and then use your .f and .mfx files, the case runs for me without any errors.

Did you remember to rebuild the custom solver after modifying the .f files?

– Charles

I precisely forgot to rebuild the custom solver…

Thank you very much,