Results of dem?

dear seniors!
i have performed dem for customized nozzle and it is just showing the animation of i can get the detailed results of it? thanks

What are you looking for? I typically use monitors to save data to text files. You can also extra the data from the vtp and vtu files using paraview or VTK directly.

thanks for reply,
can you please share your way of extracting results?

What are you trying to extract?

Hello onlyjus I am running a CFD-DEM pseudo 2D fluidized bed case but I am having challenges viewing the fluidization pattern in paraview as the resolution looks quite poor and you would mistake it for a TFM simulation. I have uploaded a screenshot for your perusal. The VTK output within MFIX however shows better resolution. Secondly how do I extract particle property data? In particular I would like to obtain time averaged particle velocity at certain points within the domain, rms particle velocity and granular temperature. The gas or fluid phase properties are relatively straight forward to extract from the output files.

So you are showing EP_g on the eulerian grid. Do you want to show the particles? If you want to show the particles, you need to output the particle data (*.vtp) files. You can load that into paraview and show the particles with Point Gaussian. Make sure to change the Gaussian Radius to match your particles.


How to convert the DEM point data (local diameter, local velocity …etc) to cell data (cell averaged solid void fraction, cell averaged-velocity, …etc)?

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