Solid Bridge force in MFIX

Hi, i am simulating particles which has a sticky surface and solid bridge force occurs during attaching. I want to use VDH cohesive model to do this. However, I do not know how to set these parameters, such as Asperties and Hamakers parameters. Anyone could give me some suggestions. Are these parameters related to particle size? I randomly set some values but it reports bugs after few seconds.

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I found a paper which has reference values but for Geldart A particles. But I am simulation Geldart D particles.

Hello, I found a relatively detailed description of van der Waals forces in the following article:
【Galvin E J ,Benyahia S .The effect of cohesive forces on the fluidization of aeratable powders[J].AIChE Journal,2014,60(2):473-484., DOI: 10.1002/ aic.14307】
I am also trying to do some content on solid bridge force but not getting anywhere. May I ask if I can get your other contact information, such as wechat or e-mail?

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