Sqp particles won't load in through particle data input

Bug report
Hi all,

Issue with loading in superquadric particle data for rotating drum. I am trying to import input particle data for sqp particles into my rotating drum simulation see attachments. But get an error of too many columns (11 instead of 8) in the input particles, however when i remove the semiaxis information which are the three extra columns and run again an error pops up saying particle dimensions aren’t specified (as i have just deleted them).
Unsure as to why this does not read the data input correctly for sqp shapes.
Simulation currently just testing with 200 particles but want to scale up to 2000 once this works. I have lined up the geometry for the ‘loading’/input particle data with the rolling drum dimensions, but potentially this as an effect when trying to load particles in?
Any help would be greatly appreciated asap, unfortunately my diss won’t write itself.
3Freecad_140_30_3.stl (16.3 KB)
data_kf_0001.txt (56 Bytes)
particle_input.dat (37.2 KB)
rotating_drum_1.mfx (75.0 KB)

This looks like a duplicate of the question you asked at SQP method using particles_input. data imports the particle position, but cannot be successfully read - #41 by Molly_Byrne

It makes our work easier if you do not create multiple threads for the same question, and also do not attach new problems to old threads (the other thread is more than a year old). Thanks.