Subroutine for particles stress computation

Hi Developers,
Can you please point me to the subroutines where particles shear rate, shear stress and number of contacts are computed and could be outputted from. I am working with DEM and SQP on MFiX 23.2. Can they be outputted using the DES_USR_VAR method? If not, please give me a quick guide or point me to a resource I could read.
Thank you.

Hi Developers,
Can anyone please help me with this?
Thank you

Have a look at model/calc_k_cp.f and model/calc_mu_s.f. The DES_USR_VAR method should work here.

Thank you for your response. Sorry I am responding this late. I was away.
I will study the subroutines and see if I will be able to make progress.

I think that I might be able to obtain what I am looking from these two subroutines. Is there a sort of theoretical guide for them? Please share, if there is. Thank you.

All available MFiX documentation (including Theory Guide) is at MFiX Documentation - NETL Multiphase Flow Science

I will look it up.
Thank you so much.