The MFiX solver has terminated unexpectedly

Hi, I am running a CFD-DEM heat transfer case on MFIX 21-3. But it always breaks without showing any error.
When I delete the custom solver (I want to output the heat transfer amount so i changed some file.),it can run well. (7.9 MB)

Then i changed to MFIX-22.3, this time it said as follows
The MFiX solver has terminated unexpectedly

Error information:

exception: access violation reading 0x0000000000000000

The solver building is perfect. I do not know why it crash.

Anyone could help me ?

Running this job on Linux I see:

Program received signal SIGSEGV: Segmentation fault - invalid memory reference.

Backtrace for this error:

#0 calc_thermo_des_mod_MOD_calc_thermo_des
    at [test/calc_thermo_des.f:66](test/calc_thermo_des.f:66)

#1 des_time_march_MOD_des_time_step
    at [des/des_time_march.f:195](des/des_time_march.f:195)

#2 run_dem
    at [mfix.f:210](mfix.f:210)

#3 run_mfix
    at [mfix.f:145](mfix.f:145)

#4 main_MOD_run_mfix0
    at [main.f:79](main.f:79)

The line where the error occurs:

66			des_usr_var(3,:) = RXNS_Qs

Using the debugger:

(gdb) p des_usr_var
$1 = ((0, 0, 0) <repeats 66 times> (0, 0, ...) ...)
(gdb) p RXNS_Qs
$2 = <not allocated>

Looking at where RXNS_Qs is allocated (model/des/des_allocate_mod.f)

! ---------------------------------------------------------------->>>
! BEGIN Species Allocation
         Allocate( RXNS_Qs( MAX_PIP ) )
! End Species Allocation
! ----------------------------------------------------------------<<<

You do not have species equations enabled for any of the phases, so the variable RXNS_Qs is unallocated.

Note that it is generally easier to debug on the Linux platform since not all of the debugging tools and libraries we depend on are available for Windows. We are working on improving the support for debugging solver problems on Windows.