The parameters set will change after saving

Hello researchers, Recently, I discovered a bug-like issue when using CGP for simulation calculations. The specific description is as follows: Initially, I set the weight coefficient to 4.0, as shown in the following figure. When I reset the task and set the weight coefficient to 2.0 or other numerical values, after clicking save, the weight coefficient automatically changes to 4.0. I have tried several times, and this phenomenon has persisted. As long as you click save, the weight coefficient will change to its original value. I’m not sure if this is a bug in the mfix software under Windows, but I have attached an error report. (308.0 KB)

This is indeed a bug in MFiX, thank you for the report. This will be fixed in the upcoming 23.4 release (late December)

For now, you can fix this by:

  1. Exit MFiX
  2. Back up the file CGP.mfx
  3. Open the file CGP.mfx in a text editor
  4. Delete these 6 lines starting with !MFIX-GUI retained keys
#!MFIX-GUI retained_keys = {"mw_avg": 29.0, "ro_g0": 1.0, "c_pg0": 1005.0,
#!MFIX-GUI   "particles": 0, "ro_s0(2)": 1000.0, "c_ps0(2)": 830.0, "k_s0(1)":
#!MFIX-GUI   1.0, "k_s0(2)": 1.0, "ro_xs0(2,1)": 708.0, "x_s0(2,1)": 0.41,
#!MFIX-GUI   "ro_xs0(2,2)": 450.0, "x_s0(2,2)": 0.0, "ro_xs0(2,3)": 450.0,
#!MFIX-GUI   "x_s0(2,3)": 0.01, "inert_species(2)": 3, "cgp_stat_wt(2)": 1.0,
#!MFIX-GUI   "cgp_stat_wt(1)": 4.0, "cgp_d_p0(2)": 0.0006, "cgp_d_p0(1)": 0.01}

Upon restarting MFiX you should be able to change the weight parameter.

Sorry for the trouble, and thanks for the bug report.

– Charles

Thank you very much for your reply. Thank you again.