Total heat input from the wall

Hello everyone, Is there any code in Mfix source for supplying heat from the wall to the entire system (including all phases in the system) at a specified wall temperature. I have researched the posts in the forum and found that there is only a statistic for the heat flux supplied by the wall to the particles, but there is no heat flux input from the wall to the gas phase.

So how can I count the total heat input from the wall.

Looking forward to your guidance, thanks!

Have you tried to enable the energy equation and set a temperature to the BC?

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Thank you for your help. Currently, I am using a specified wall temperature as my boundary condition. I want to calculate the heat supplied by the wall to the system (both the gas and particle phases) under this condition. Do you have a method to do this? Or is there a relevant code available in the Mfix source?
Looking forward to your reply!