UDF for pyrolysis fluent modelisation

i’amworking on a cfd pyrolysis modelisation however i don’t know how to write a udf for chemistry can anyone help me please?

Have you followed the silane pyrolosis tutorial?


thank you for your answer but i don’t know what is that can you please give more infomation?

What is your level of experience with MFiX? Have you successfully run any models?

Do you have any familiarity with programming in Fortran?

no sir,I have never used it before. I’m currently working on fluent,the model works so well except for the chemical arrhenius model.so i have to use a UDF. i made some researches and it lead me to C3M.

OK, I have moved this question to the C3M category. I cannot assist with C3M, perhaps someone else can. Good luck. You will likely get better answers if you ask more detailed and specific questions and indicate what things you have tried already.

alright thank you so much sir i’ll try and do that