Umf determination tutorial

Dear Nodeworks/Mfix developers I attempted the Umf determination tutorial but I encountered a couple of problems I need assistance with.

  1. Not all the cases run. Some showed waiting for PID error. How do I get these cases to run.

  2. During postprocessing the Monitor reader node is not available for selection.

What version of Nodeworks are you running?

Hello its version 17.1.1

I think the link for conda install needs to be updated to the current version of nodeworks. Installing using the source shows that the current version is 20.2. whilst the conda install link lists version 17.1.1.

Looks like there are conflicts with the newest MFIX and Nodeworks because we switched MFIX to use conda-forge. I’ll work on rebuilding the packages.

In the meantime, can you help me test by specifying the version and conda-forge in the install command:

conda install nodeworks==20.2 -c<token>/conda/dist -c conda-forge

Hi Onlyjus I managed to install version 20.2 from the source after uninstalling version 17.1 and the other nodes are now available. However I still encountered the problem mentioned in point 1 of some some cases in sub directories not running giving the error waiting for PID. How do I force these cases to run?

They all are running for me. Are you using the local queue? Maye you need to wait until others have finished running?

You should have *.LOG files in each of the run directories.

for me I used umf_ as the prefix, so in the base project directory you should have a number of directories called umf_000000. In those directories there are *.LOG files. Try looking on one of those files for a trail that did not run.