When does the MFIX-RAD plug-in?

Dear developer:
We have noticed that radiation models have appeared in MFiX for a long time, which is really exciting news. Recently, I saw another article published about this, which uses MFiX for simulation (PhD. Michael Stoellinger et. al., Study the thermal radiation effects in gas-solid flows with gray and
non-gray P1 models implemented in MFiX).
So I would like to ask developers, will they consider coupling radiation models into Mfix, and how long will it take to meet with it? Thank you!

This is not on the development schedule at this time so I cannot give you any estimate of when these features will be incorporated. MFiX is open-source for registered users so you should be able to add any published code to the solver yourself. If you have any problems doing so, you can seek help here in the forum.


– Charles

Dear hbnuaa,I also read this article,and I dowload mfix-rad code from github
MFiX-RAD-master-P1.zip (20.9 MB)
.But there some questions when I use it. Do you know how to use it? Thank you!