Why does the initial particle pile suddenly explode?

When I use the particle location file particle_output.dat at the end of the last run as the initial particle heap for the new simulation, the particle heap suddenly explodes, does anyone know what’s going on? How do you get the particle pile to start with zero velocity? In the particle position output option I have checked reset particle velocities to zero in particle_output.dat.
The initial particle pile looks like this.

This is what happens when you run it.

And an error is reported in the calculation process. That is:
Error: solver crash!

The MFiX solver has terminated unexpectedly

Error information:

access violation in __desgrid_MOD_desgrid_neigh_build

at des/desgrid_mod.f:1058

Are you changing the diameter or anything of the particles? Seems like you have excessive overlap at the beginning.