Mailing List

The mailing list home page is located at Click on the “List of lists” tab to view all available mailing lists. Click on the list and then subscribe on the left hand pannel.

Once you subscribe to the list, you can send/receive messages to/from the Nodeworks community. You can also search archived messages to see if there is already a solution to a common problem.

There are many options to manage your subscription, including subscribing, unsubscribing, and choosing the delivery mode.

Please visit to view the mailing list user guide.

Mailing list etiquette:

  1. Please allow sufficient time (say 2 to 3 business days) for Nodeworks developers and users to reply before posting unanswered questions again.

  2. Unless prior arrangement has been made with a given Nodeworks developer, do not send requests directly to the developer, but send the request to the appropriate mailing list instead. This ensures proper archiving of the thread and provides better opportunity for everyone to reply. Follow-up questions should also be sent to the mailing list.

  3. Do not ask for a copy of a reference, e.g., a journal article.

  4. Prior to submitting help requests regarding Nodeworks installation or compilation issues, please check the archives of mfix-help and if you are still having a problem, email by providing the following important details in your message after the description of the problem encountered:

    1. Nodeworks version you are trying to install or run
    2. Some details on your operating system environment (for Linux: copy and paste the response of uname -a command, Linux distribution name and version also)
    3. Output for your $PATH environment (in csh type echo $PATH)
    4. The MFiX version number if you are interfacing Nodeworks with the GUI


Common reasons you may not receive an answer to your request

  1. You did not subscribe to the mailing list.
  2. You sent the request to an individual and not to the mailing list.
  3. Your question has already been answered and is available in the archive.
  4. You did not provide sufficient description of your problem (saying “It doesn?t work” is not useful).
  5. Your question is outside the scope of the mailing list.