Reference information for common Nodeworks features.

Main Toolbar

The Main Toolbar is at the top of the window and contains the main run controls.

Icon Description
run Run the current sheet.
auto Automatically run as nodes are added.
stop Stop a currently running sheet.
step Step through the sheet node by node.


The name of a node in the sheet can be changed. After double-clicking on the name at the top of a node, a blank line edit with the blinking cursor appears. Simply type in the line to replace the node name.


The size of a node in the sheet can be changed. Clicking and holding on the lower right corner of a node will reshape the node based on mouse movement. There is a minimum size allowed for each node.

Node Right-Click Menu

Right-clicking at the top of a node opens a context menu with several options for the node.

Menu Entry Description
Show Error Displays the error encountered if node failed to execute.
Expand Terminals Expands the node terminals to reveal any that were hidden.
Hide Terminals Hides node terminals and reduces node size.
Flip Terminals Reverses sides that input/output terminals are on.
Help Pop-up window containing documentation for node.
Force Run Forces the selected node to process when sheet is run.

Sheet Right-Click Menu

Right-clicking on the sheet opens a context menu with several options.

Menu Entry Description
Show All Zooms the sheet to fit all nodes in the window.
Copy Create a copy of the currently selected node(s) and/or connection(s).
Cut Copies the selected object(s) and deletes the original(s).
Paste Creates and places any copied object(s) onto the sheet.
Select All Select all objects in the sheet.
Delete Delete the currently selected object(s).
Group Places the currently selected objects into a group node.
Refresh Nodes Refreshes the current node library.
Add Node Context menu for nodes in the node library.

Keyboard Shortcuts

List of keyboard command shortcuts.

Shortcut Description
Ctrl + C Copy the selected object(s).
Ctrl + X Cut the selected object(s).
Ctrl + V Paste any copied object(s).
Ctrl + A Select all objects on the sheet.
Delete Delete the selected object(s).
Ctrl + G Places the currently selected objects into a group node.
Ctrl + R Refreshes the current node library.


A single node or connection can be selected by left clicking on the object. Multiple objects can be selected by left clicking on the sheet and dragging a selection box around the objects. Holding control on the keyboard also allows for multiple selections or deselection with the left mouse button. A selected object will have an outline placed around it.

Moving Nodes

Mousing over the top portion of a node turns the pointer into a hand icon. Left clicking the mouse and holding allows for movement of the node. Multiple objects that have been selected can also be moved together.

Sheet View

The currently displayed view of the sheet in the window can be changed. The keyboard arrow keys can be used to move the view left, right, up, and down. The view can also be moved by holding the mouse scroll wheel and dragging the view around.

The sheet view can be zoomed in and out by holding control on the keyboard while scrolling the mouse wheel up and down.

Moving Connections

A control point can be added to a connection by double clicking anywhere on the connection. This control point can be selected and moved about the sheet like a node. This can help reduce screen clutter by removing connection overlap on nodes.

Connection and Terminal Colors

Connection and terminals are colored based on the type of data being passed through them. Connections and terminals may not properly update the color until the sheet has been run to when actual data is passed.

Data Type Color
Integer Blue
Float Orange
Boolean Green
String Red
List Purple
Dictionary Brown
Set Pink
Numpy Array Grey
Pandas DataFrame Yellow
Default Turquoise