A chemical reactor case with transient inlet temperature in MFIX21.4 does not prompt an error, but it cannot run

Hello developers,
I want to simulate a fluidized bed for particle decomposition. Its inlet temperature changes dynamically, but my case can only run for one time step and then stops running. Could you give me some advice? Thank you!!
chemical_verification.zip (31.7 MB)

The array you use to store the reaction rate has not been allocated. You can define its size from the Model setup pane, under Reactionrate array size. Enter the number of rates you plan to save.

However, you don’t need to explicitly write code to save the rates in the vtk file anymore. Go to Output>VTK pane and check “RX1 rate”.

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Your suggestion is very helpful. Thank you very much! In additon, how to make inlet temperture of mass inflow change transiently? My udf has no effert.
usr1.f (2.4 KB)

The chemical reaction has been carried out normally. :eyes:

Please try

call set_bc0_inflow(3)

instead of

call set_bc0_flow

Thanks again. This is OK!