A problem about grid

Hello,everyone.I have met a question.It does not converge, I suspect it is a problem about the grid, so I modified it.However,this doesn’t work well.I have put my file below.
single.zip (12.4 KB)

First, set the normal distance tolerance to 0.05 (Mesh>Mesher pane).
Then set the fluid normalization to 0 (Numerics>residuals pane), i.e. set NORM_G=0.
Then set the fluid density to “Ideal gas law” and set the pressure in all initial and boundary conditions.
After this it runs better for me with a DT=1E-4.

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Thank you, jeff.dietiker. I tried it, and it can work now, but I don’t know the sentence ’set the pressure in all initial conditions’ you said. Do you refer to the pressure(optional) (i.e. ic_p_g(IC))? I haven’t set a value for this place yet, but it seems works at this condition.

I was referring to the initial value ic_p_g(IC) and the boundary values bc_p_g(BC). Sometimes it helps to give a value for ic_p_g .

OK, I get it.Thanks you very much.