A question regarding minimum fluidization velocity


I have calculated the drag coefficients (c1 and d1) from the umf file by MFiX. The question is; Does adjusting c1 and d1 and using the velocity from the experiment have the same effect as using the default c1 and d1 while multiplying the velocity by a factor to compensate the change?

I’m asking because the case is diverging as I changed the c1 and d1 values.

Here is the file:
wang_new_2021-12-23T184828.396229.zip (197.5 KB)


I don’t think this is equivalent due to the non-linearity in these terms.

Dear Jeff

Thanks for your reply.
What if I say: (mass flowrate in simulation)= (mass flowrate in experiment)*(Umf in simulation)/(Umf in experimental).Is this valid?

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