Adding shell on the particles with specific properties


How can I define an encapsulated particle with specific materials and dimensions for each shell and particle(core)?

For chemical reaction purposes?

I am trying to simulate encapsulated phase change material ePCM slurry (water and ePCM)
The capsule consists of core (PCM) and shell) and I am wondering how could I define the shell material

I am not familiar with ePCM. What physical process is happening to the shell that requires you to resolve the shell/core as opposed to just assuming that it is a single particle? I am guessing you have rates at which this shell changes thickness?

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Here are a few papers which may be helpful:

Numerical Study Of Encapsulated Phase Change Material (epcm) Slurry Flow In Microchannels

A Discrete Particle Model for Simulating Carbon Capture with Encapsulated Carbonate Solutions

Device-scale Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling of Carbon Dioxide Absorption Using Encapsulated Sorbents

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Thank you so much!
It is highly appreciated .


I’m attempting to simulate a system in which the shell absorbs a specific band of solar energy, after which the melting process takes place within the capsule.

Right now, I’m having trouble simulating the melting process of each capsule without taking into account the shell under constant heat flux.

So you need a radiation model?