Better domain partitions

Hi, in a rectangular domain, there are 2 - cells along thickness (z-direction), cells in y-direction is twice cells in x-direction. For most times, particles occupy half-height in y-direction, under slow gas-fluidization.

I’m using only one CPU in z-direction by setting nodesk = 1. I intend to use more CPUs along x-direction because of particle-bed. Can we expect choice of (nodesi = 8, nodesj = 2) faster than (nodesi = 2, nodesj = 8). Thank you,

Yes, in this case you should get better performance with a 8x2x1 decomposition. You probably don’t have enough cells in the y-directions to use nodesj=8 anyway.

Thank you, this is helpful.
Following up on this, how can I include grid as background into DEM view – for example, combine these two images into one? I don’t see an option to add into “objects”, say, FB_MESH.vtu.