Cannot function MFiX 21.2 on MAC

Hi everyone,
I would like to download MFiX 21.2 on my mac, I followed all the steps on the website but still cannot function properly. So I wanna ask what part I missed or went wrong, thanks again!

Hi Brian. The current MFiX version is 21.3.2.

It’s not clear from the screenshot you attached what the problem is. After you type “mfix” does a new window appear? An error message? Anything?

Usually the conda command is conda activate mfix-VERSION without the full pathname, does it work if you do conda activate mfix-21.2 ?

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@cgw Thank you for your reply!
I waited for a long time, but it never show anything, just like the screenshot.

@mark.meredith1 is out MAC guru. Maybe he can help?

Starting MFiX 21.3.2 on Mac worked for me. The terminal was fullscreen, and it didn’t switch focus to the MFiX window. Maybe the MFiX window is just hidden on some other Desktop, or behind some other window?

You can also try mfix --log debug. That would be noisy, but may provide info as to what is going on

Hi Mark, thank you for your reply!

I deleted the MFIX and downloaded it again, still the same situation, I just wondering if MFIX is workable on M1 mac.

Thank you for your time!

Hmm, I’m not sure. I don’t have an M1 to test with. If you have a specific error message (with mfix --log debug ?) I might be able to offer suggestions, but it may be difficult to test on an environment I don’t have access to.

Hi Mark, I have the same issue. I have a Mac Monterey. I run the command “mfix”. However, only a “python 3.8” icon appears on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen. It does not do anything! I also ran “mfix --log debug”, however, nothing shows up except that “python 3.8” icon!

Could you fix your problem? I am having exactly the same issue.

@yaserbozorgi @brianchen5832 @francescomazza

To all users having trouble with the Mac platform. I found this posting:

“Unfortunately, the current version of pyqt is also a huge burden for users running macOS 11, as Qt GUIs simply won’t open … unless users set the environment variable QT_MAC_WANTS_LAYER to "1".”

Can you try setting this environment variable and see if it helps? Please report back so we know if this helps.

– Charles

I checked and I saw that QT_MAC_WANTS_LAYER is already equal to 1. See the picture below:

I think that setting the environment variable in that piece of code may be too late, it needs to be present at application startup. Can you please try setting export QT_MAC_WANTS_LAYER=1 in the Terminal, after activating the environment but before typing mfix ?

Hi Mark. The 22.1 version runs on my M1 MacBook Pro, but there is this error. Moreover, doing first tutorial (3.1. First Tutorial — MFiX 22.1 documentation), I’ve seen that there is no solver MFiX can use. Thank you for helping. (4.7 MB)

Hi Francesco. Mark Meredith is no longer working on MFiX.

but there is this error.

What error are you seeing?

I’ve seen that there is no solver MFiX can use.

We do not currently supply a precompiled Mac solver because we don’t have a Mac build server set up. (This may change in the near future).

For Mac installation please refer to 2.2. MFiX Installation on Mac — MFiX 22.1 documentation

You need to compile the solver yourself. See 5.1. Building Custom Interactive Solver — MFiX 22.1 documentation