Error 1000: Required input not specified: SPECIES_g(1)

Hello everyone

Could you please assist me in resolving this error? I am trying to study heat transfer in a gasifier reactor.
Also, could you tell me how to get the average over time value in MFiX?
Any advice you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you in advance . (30.0 KB)

You have the energy equation turned on and have set the gas specific heat to “Mixture” which means it will compute the gas phase’s Cp based on the Cp of each gas species. Since you did not specify any gas species, this triggers an error message. Instead of “Mixture”, select “Constant” for the gas specific heat (Fluid pane), and enter a non-zero value.

The time-averaging must be performed as a post-processing step outside of MFiX. If the data you want to average is a monitor data, then you can do this in a spreadsheet (monitor data is a .csv file). If the data is cell data (vtu file), you can use the time average filter in Paraview.