Error occuring during thermal conductivity

Dear Jeff,
I have modified the thermal conductivity by using udf usr_properties.f in the TFM case, the custom file successfully complied but when the simulation start, the MFiX process stopped. I don’t know the reason behind this could you help me. (189.0 KB)

Line 233 of usr_properties.f, you are setting the entire k_g array to a value. You should only set the value in the current IJK cell:

K_g(IJK) = k_bf / EP_G(IJK)

Otherwise it will set the thermal conductivity is ghost cells (where it should not be set), and it will be very slow (setting the entire array each time you visit a cell).

@jeff.dietiker Thank you for your reply. I used K_g(IJK) for the gas phase now the simulation is running but one error is coming in the solid phase thermal conductivity.
"Warning from check_data/check_solids_continuum.f:273
Warning 1701: Inconsistent settings: K_S0(1) = 0.9877E+32
with KS_MODEL(1) = USR. Setting this K_S0 to 0.

how can I remove this?
we also have to define the k_S(IJK) cell and k_s(0) = 0.29

This is not an error, just a warning. If you set k_s0(1) to zero then the warning should go away