How do I display the imported micron size model in mfix's gui

When I import the micron model, the model doesn’t appear in the gui, but it does when I change the units to km, which is a little too big for me. How can I solve this problem

What is the actual unit of your STL file? If is is in meters, adjust the domain extents, either manually or click on Autosize to fit to the stl extents.

However, the model I draw on solidworks is in um, I don’t know why I need to adjust the unit to km to see when importing mfix

Are you sure you are exporting the STL file in microns? The z-extent of your file is 8E-5. If these are microns, this means the physical dimension in the z-direction is 8E-11 meters. If your STL file diemsions are expressed in meters, then the physical dimension in the z-direction is 8E-5 meters or 80 microns.

Now the Autosize may not work here because it is padding the domain ± 1 millimeter in each direction, so you will need to manually enter the min and max values of the domain extent. You can also adjust the view in the Model viewport by clicking on the left-most icon.

Hello, I do need a length of 80 microns in the z direction, but why does the model appear in the gui only when I set the unit to km, but not when I set it to m or nothing else? Is the z direction 80 microns in the following picture

That’s because the default view and MFiX box are not set to view such tiny objects. You basically need to zoom in and set appropriate MFiX box extents.

Now I have a problem. When I open mfix, this dialog box will automatically pop up, and whether I select ok or cancel, I will exit directly to the desktop, unable to use the software. And you can’t save the error report. The server went down once before, and the motherboard was replaced. How to solve this problem?It’s the same problem to uninstall and install again

It looks like one of the project files got corrupted. Please remove the file .visual_props from the project directory (it’s a hidden file since the name starts with a .).

Next time this popup appears, click “Ok” and upload the diagnostic report, this will help us figure out what went wrong and fix any bugs.

Sorry for the difficulty,
– Charles

I have deleted the hidden file, but when I click ok, this screen pops up and it freezes. How can I solve this problem

There are some additional hidden files. Note the error message mentions a file .graphics. Try deleting that.
I will improve the handling of these hidden files for the next MFiX release! Sorry for the trouble.

Well. Thank you for your help