How to make the mixer rotating

Hello everyone,
Is there anyone how know how to make the mixer rotating. I tried to change the angle of rotation on the GUI but it doesn’t change nothing …


Hi, @NourCH. Welcome to the MFiX forum.

I’m afraid there’s not enough information in this report for us to help you.

Please go to the main MFiX menu, click on “Submit bug report” and upload the resulting ZIP file here. Thanks.

– Charles

Thank you for your answer! (8.4 MB)

Please double check the files you attached, these do not match the image above. You have set the z-range from 0 to 0.02 m which is the size of the larger particle, and you do not have the keyword read_kf(1) set in the .mfx file.

Does the mixer tutorial file work for you (the one you can open from the GUI)?

Thank you! It’s done