Implementation of constant heat flux boundary condition in DEM and CGP

Hello Developers,

I am a beginner trying to use M-Fix and I am building a CGP model with a constant heat flux applied to the front wall of my geometry to simulate solar hear flux. I have attached the files for case below. When I run the case I get this error :

Error from check_data\check_bc_walls.f:551

Error 1100: The energy equation boundary condition 10 is ill

defined for solids 1. Walls can be adiabatic or have a

specified temperature for DEM. Please correct the project settings.

Can we not use a constant heat flux BC for the solids in DEM or CGPM?? The same case works well with constant temperature BC but not for constant heat flux BC. I would really appreciate your feedback.

Ashreet Mishra. (29.8 KB)

Hello @onlyjus @cgw @jeff.dietiker ,

I would really appreciate it if one of you could help me answer this.

Ashreet Mishra.

DEM or CG-DEM do not support constant flux for the solids phase. It should have been disabled in the GUI.

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Thank you so much for the response @jeff.dietiker. Much appreciated.