Invalid location for BC

I have created the geometry and set up my model, but I get the following error. I have attached my mfix file incase it helps, but please could somebody provide some insight?

ERROR check_data\check_bc_geometry.f:522
Error 1100: Invalid location specified for BC 2.
X: 0.15000 , 0.13000 I: 20, 18
Y: 0.15000 , 0.15000 J: 8, 8
Z: 0.50000E-02,-0.50000E-02 K: 13, 10
Please correct the project settings.

geometry.stl (8.7 KB) geometry.stl (8.7 KB) rp1.mfx (9.7 KB)

Looks like you overwrote the BC#2 coordinates by editing the mfx file (there is no #! MFiXGUI), and you now have the east coordinate smaller than the west coordinate. Make sure bc_x_e > bc_x_w. Same thing for the z coordinates, make sure bc_z_t>bc_z_b.