MFIX-CGP set up

I want to confirm that when I use MFIX-CGP, do I directly input the diameter of coarse-grained particle when setting the particle, and do I not need to set the voidage in coarse-grained particle?

The diameter defined in the Solids>Material pane is the real, physicals diameter, not the coarse-grained diameter. The coarse-grained diameter can be set either based on the “statistical weight” or the “coarse-grain particle size”, also in the same pane.

I am not sure what you mean by “voidage in coarse-grained particle”.

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Thank you for your answer. I have another question. When I draw the mesh, do I use the diameter of coarse particles? Do I need to convert the actual physical diameter to the coarse particle diameter?

The mesh needs to be larger than the coarse-grained particles. You do not need to do the conversion, you provide the physical diameter. If you specify the statistical weight, the code will convert it to coarse grain diameter. If you specify the coarse grain diameter, the code will compute the statistical weight.

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Thank you for the above answers. Which source file is the source code for CGP in? I want to know how it works. Thanks.

Hi, Dr. Dietiker

Is there a theory manual of CGP method? Like MFIX-PIC theory manual.