Mfix simulation error while running tutorial 3.2

found these two errors for Two Dimensional Fluid Bed, Two-Fluid Model (TFM). Can anyone help me with this?

Did you open the tutorial file when selecting “New” from the menu, or did you build it from the instructions?

Yes, I did. I followed the exact steps from the tutorial. I run it three times. I get the same error

Could you also upload your .mfx file?

I followed the same tutorial, I did not get any errors :face_with_monocle:

Your problem is related to storing vtk files, perhaps due to being a windows installation. Try specify one and run again.

I have recently upgraded to win 11. maybe that is the reason
But it’s running now. thanks

All the projects are getting stuck so i uninstalled the software and tried to install it again but i cannot now since my windows version is 11

Hi. Sorry you are having difficulties. As far as I know nobody has yet tested MFiX on Windows 11.

Note that the first warning you posted - “Message 2000” - is not really an error, this is a routine message which should be under “Messages”. (This is fixed in the upcoming release - many of the routine “warnings” are downgraded to “messages”).

The error message (cartesian_grid/vtk_out.f:533) is more significant but the message text is not shown in the error popup. In the main window I can see “PLEASE VERIFY THAT THE VTU_DIR EXISTS” so it seems like there was an issue creating output directories.

Can you show us more of the text in the console window?

This is the same error as his/her previous post, Errors and warnings for tutotial 3.3

So something is not quite right about the default VTK dir.

Try specifying a directory for VTU_DIR instead of leaving that field blank